The Beauty Boost: Travel Tips Edition

Whether you’ve been traveling for work, fun or plan to travel for the holidays, all that go go go can take it’s wear and tear on your health, looks and mind. Below are some tips to help ease stress during your travels. Bon Voyage.

The Beauty Boost:
Travel brings Power and Love back to your Life. -Rumi

Travel Tips:
1. Try to have your house in order prior to leaving for a trip so when you come home, you’re coming home to a clean and peaceful place. Load your dishwasher, clean your bedding, get rid of expired food in the fridge and tidy up.  A clean house equals a clean mind:)

2) Plan your workouts ahead of time. If you’re going somewhere new, sign up for Class Pass Flex or google search some gyms/studios where your first class is free. OR plan some long walks exploring the town. If all else fails, bookmark your favorite workout videos and schedule in a time to actually do them..before happy hour<3

3) If you know you’ll be going out to eat with friends the entire trip, split all meals. This not only saves you from overstuffing yourself but saves your wallet too. Try to pack apples or trail mix for in-between meals. Buy a case of water for your room to again, save money but also so you’ll be more enticed to actually drink up!

4) Car/Plane Ride: Pack a jacket always! Put on a hydrating face mask like Glam Glow at Sephora OR bring some Neutrogena face wipes to feel refreshed. Schedule out your favorite Podcasts or download movies you’ve been wanting to catch up on. Bring some ginger chews for nausea. Dry shampoo is your bff. Grab your favorite magazines at Half Price Books for .50 and stock up. OR catch up on that much needed sleep with some noise controlled headphones + meditation podcast.

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