A Closer Look at Beauty and Cosmetics

For most women, the first thing they dive into when surfing through the internet is the most recent Beauty Blog. The female of the species are naturally inclined into vanity and always thrive to look attractive, beautiful and youthful. Through the articles and blogs that concentrate on this subject, they are able to learn about how to enhance their assets using the secret techniques known to the beauty experts and gurus.

Make-up and cosmetics are among the biggest industries that have never gone out of style. Depending on the era, the styles of applying make-up also change as they follow the latest trends. This is the biggest help that a Beauty Blog provides for ladies everywhere – updates are readily available on what to do and what not to do. The sixties was all about the dark eyeliners and mascaras, the seventies was all about pale lips, the eighties was a splash of colors, the nineties was all bare and natural and so on. So what does the beauty industry have in store for the fashionable women of today?

If you want to have the Cheryl Cole X Factor quality, then you must know the right strokes and have the right cosmetic kit with you too. Cheryl Cole is one celebrity who captures sophistication and edginess at the same time. And if there’s one thing that stands out about the hot celebrity – it’s her eyes.

Yes, it’s all in the eyes!  By using the Stila Smudge Stick Cobalt shade, you can create an illusion that the eyes are bigger than they really are. When the eyes appear larger, the attention is immediately drawn to them and this literally brightens the whole face. The perfect shade of blue that it has is just enough to lighten the face, contrary to what a black eyeliner can do. This can provide an instant glowing look for you, if you are tired or have spent just a few hours of sleep.

For more glitter and shine achieving a close resemblance to Cheryl Cole, then your cosmetic kit must always include the Illamasqua Once Vintage Metallix Eyeshadow. Works everytime! Applying the eyeshadow over the upper eyelids at a much bigger portion than on the lower part of the eye can result to a chic and sultry look at the most. read more