Replacing missing teeth with the best dentures for you

It’s understandable for you to hesitate to have dentures, especially with its odd appearance. However, the best dental laboratories nowadays, like the PetoneDentalLab, is already capable of producing great-looking dentures that could fit you well.




These are dentures that look similar to real teeth, but could still perfectly serve as teeth replacement for suitable cases. Aside from letting you chew your favourite food, it can also keep your mouth structure in place, thus helping you avoid issues like speech problems and teeth misalignment.

However, you should know vital info about dentures before having it. After all, it’s important to prepare yourself beforehand, isn’t it?

What to remember in having dentures in Lower Hutt

You can’t just simply go to a Lower Hutt dental clinic and ask the dentist to put on some dentures on your teeth. You need to take note of these steps, so you can have Lower Hutt dentures that fits you well.

  • Visit the best dental clinic near you for a check-up and inform the dentist about having dentures. The dentist will see if dentures could help you, then let you choose from a list of options that are suitable for your case.
  • Some of the choices you have are between complete or partial dentures, removable or fixed dentures, or if you want to have immediate dentures right after tooth extraction.
  • The dentist will proceed with tooth extraction if necessary, or directly mould your gum line to get the exact fit of dentures for you. They will send the mould to the dental laboratory and ask you to go back around two weeks later when your denture is ready.
  • When you come back, the dentist will make sure that the new denture fits you well, before completing the process. This will lead you to the right fit of dentures in Lower Hutt, thus avoiding problems like loose fitting and frequent slipping. See more Petone Dental Laboratory

Types of dentures you should know

As mentioned earlier, you need to choose from a few options of dentures available. The dentist will tell you which dentures suit you well, so you can easily choose using your preference.

In Hutt Valley, you can have these options from PetoneDentalLab:

  • Complete or partial dentures – Complete dentures refer to an entire row of false teeth, whether for your upper jaw, lower jaw or both. On the other hand, partial dentures are replacements for one or few missing teeth, where healthy teeth still remain to anchor the dentures.
  • Removable or fixed dentures – Removable dentures refer to false teeth that you can remove every day, whilst fixed dentures are false teeth permanently attached on your gum line. This is a choice to make after deciding between complete and partial dentures, so the dentist could lead you to the best dentures Lower Hutt has that’s perfect for you.
  • Conventional or immediate dentures – Conventional dentures are the false teeth you will receive for use, whether it being complete or partial, and removable or fixed. However, there are instances when the dentist can’t simply let you have it, like in cases of fresh wounds from tooth extraction, thus they will recommend you to use immediate dentures temporarily.

Knowing the right kind of denture you should have is a significant decision to do. Therefore, you should only consult the professionals at the PetoneDentalLab. Let an expert dentist set it up for you and you can surely gain big benefits from it without looking odd.